1. Market Area

A Market Area is defined as the territorial reach of a 50,000 watt TV station or radio broadcast. The FCC allows no more than 50,000 watts of broadcast for electronic media that traditionally has a reach of approximately a 60-mile radius. Nielsen Media™ defines a market area as a DMA, or Designated Market Area. The Nielsen Ratings™ cover over 210 such DMA’s in America. Ninety percent (90%) of all American businesses advertise in one Market Area.

2. Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition (Branding) is a marketing term used to identify a specific product name or service directly related to the industry served by the brand. Historically, in the Business to Consumer market (B2C), consumer identification is instrumental in building a brand. What brand do you drink? Which brand are you driving? Whose brand are you wearing? Advertising is all about branding. If you are not branding your name or service, your competitors are stealing your customers.

Here are some typical examples of branded products or services:


3. Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

Toll-free telephone numbers were invented by AT&T in the 1960’s. This permitted a company to have their customers to call them at no charge to the caller.

4. Vanity Toll-Free Numbers

Vanity toll-free numbers substitute letters for numbers. Since the mid-1980’s, they have increasingly become a growing part of American advertising . Everyone is familiar with the Vanity numbers
1-800-DENTIST, 1-800-COLLECT, and 1-800-FLOWERS. Vanity numbers became the norm by 1996 when 90% of all ads on the Super Bowl advertised a Vanity toll-free number.

5. Vanity Numbers Available

A good Vanity number is a precious commodity. More Leads® specializes in Vanity numbers that have key words and phrases, and are more easily remembered – like 800-YES LOAN. Mixed alfa and numeric Vanity numbers (800-593-LOAN) are more readily available. However, they do not provide the same customer retention, nor do they help to create brand identity.

Since all More Leads® numbers are Shared-Use numbers, your chance of finding the right Vanity number is excellent. More Leads® offers a selection of Vanity toll-free numbers that can be made accessible by Area Code, Market Area, or State.

6. Shared-Use Numbers

In the past, AT&T controlled all the Vanity toll-free numbers. If your company did not have a large phone bill, Vanity numbers were unavailable. The only companies that could acquire good Vanity numbers were national corporations. It was impossible for a small business to obtain a memorable Vanity number. This changed in 1993 when the FCC forced AT&T to release millions of Vanity numbers that they were hoarding. Now through modern telephony, companies throughout the nation that provide a similar service (800-GO BUDGET) can share a single Vanity number. This is fortunate for small businesses. A small business gets the increased name recognition from shared advertising. When you advertise in your market area, you generate more customer leads. New arrivals in your market area, from another city that has advertised your number, call you first.

7. IVR – Interactive Voice Response

IVR is a push-button, digital-recording technology that allows a company to ask the caller a series of questions through an automated system. The caller's answers are recorded without the necessity of the caller having to speak to a live person. This technology saves the caller time and the company money.

8. Ad Response

Ad Response is about creating satisfaction as related to a need. While your ad is being read, watched, or listened to, the brand identification is being processed and related to a need or want. By the time the identification process is complete, your call response Vanity telephone number has already been delivered. An easy to remember number creates greater call response, thereby increasing your ROI.

9. Account Codes

A three-digit account code is assigned to every salesperson who receives calls on your Vanity toll-free number. When you review your daily Ad Response, you can isolate and listen to the calls that each loan agent has received. You can then Target Train your employee to respond to specific questions that you want answered differently.

10. Target Training

Target Training is the method of focused, fast-track training for all members of your sales staff.
Sales people are often confused by the different ways that a caller phrases their questions. With Record-PRO™, you can select specific calls each day, then Target Train the proper response to questions during each call-review session. This fast-track training process allows your company to achieve better results and greater sales.

A Banner is a photograph or an image of your company name. The website visitor can see exactly who you are, or the image you want to portray. The choice is up to you. You can show your logo, your office building, or a photograph of your personnel. We place your Banner on the website matching your Vanity toll-free number. Your Banner tells your customer that you are the company associated with the product that they came to learn about. When you call them, after receiving their lead, they are familiar with your company from having viewed your website.

12. Recorded Voice file

An actual voice recording of the caller's name, address, and employer's name recorded as a voice file that can be retrieved through Lead-PRO™.

13. ROI: Return on Investment

ROI is used to compare return on investment where money is gained or lost -- as compared to the money invested. In our application, ROI is used as the ratio of the capital return to the cost of lead generation.

14. 100% Guarantee

More Leads® offers a 100% guaranteed response from the use of our Vanity toll-free number program. If you can prove to More Leads®, after a 90-day trial, that a numeric toll-free number receives the same Ad Response results compared to your More Leads® Vanity Number, we will refund 100% of your monthly service-charge and relieve you of your remaining commitment.