Geographical Call Routing

Geo-PRO distributes your company’s inbound Vanity-PRO calls and Web-PRO internet leads to multiple locations throughout your market area based on our Geographic Routing Technology.

We can accommodate your needs. Your Account Executive can design and customize a program to satisfy your lead distribution requirements. We can distribute your calls and leads to the locations of your choice. For example, if you have multiple locations advertising the same Vanity-PRO toll-free number, we can divide the inbound calls geographically so that each location receives their share of the incoming call volume.  This customized distribution system can also be applied to your Web-PRO internet leads.

How It Works:

Modern telephany allows us to recognize the geographic location of all inbound calls. Every Branch Office uses the same Vanity-PRO number:

    • Our routing technology divides and distributives your inbound calls
    • Our Lead-PRO software collects your Web-PRO leads
    • Our routing technology divides and distributives your internet leads

Geo-PRO is the multiple branch office solution for the mid-size company.