Loan Application Retrieval System

Our Lead-PRO system-software makes it easy for you to retrieve and catalog leads from all methods of acquisition! These leads are sent directly to you from the program(s) in which you are participating!

Take a look at some of our mortgage websites with matching mortgage Vanity toll-free numbers. All our websites accept loan applications:

For a complete list of our mortgage Vanity toll-free numbers with matching URLs

Lead Acquisition Sources:

  • Web-PRO: Immediate delivery of internet leads collected at the subscriber’s websites. Logon to Lead PRO and pick up your new leads. You will be notified by email when a new lead arrives!

After-Hour Lead Options:

  1. Loan-PRO: Collect call-in applications on our IVR voice-activated system. Our automated system collects customer applications. We can FAX them directly to you, or you can collect them
    at Lead-PRO.
  2. Loan-PRO PLUS: Operators receive loan applications for after-hour borrowers or borrowers who prefer to talk with an operator rather than apply over the internet. Receive email notification, or Logon to Lead-PRO, and pick up your new leads.

These mortgage leads could be your mortgage leads!