Automated Loan Application System

Loan-PRO is an optional service providing a voice-activated-system (IVR) that collects customer call-in applications for all hours that you do not want the number ringing at your business. You control which questions to ask – to shorten or lengthen the automated questionnaire to your specific requirements. We can FAX your leads directly to you, or send you an email notification to retrieve your leads from Lead-PRO.

How It Works:  

  • Your mortgage Vanity-PRO toll-free number is programmed to ring to you.
  • After hours and on weekends, you can opt to ring your Vanity-PRO number to our automated    Loan-PRO system.  You choose the questions; you control the loan application.
  • After the caller has completed an application:
    1.  We can FAX your application directly to you.  You then call the IVR system to retrieve the recorded voice-file and listen to the customer stating their name and address. 
    2. Or, we can send you an email notification to retrieve your application and recorded voice-file from Lead-PRO.

We do not want you to miss any leads that will bring you business!  The more loan applications you receive, the greater your sales. That is why More Leads® provides Loan-PRO.


Live Operator

Loan-PRO PLUS is an optional service providing live-operators who take loan applications from borrowers that prefer to talk with a live-operator rather than apply over the internet. Upon completion, the application is placed in your Lead-PRO account for retrieval.

How It Works: 

  • We program your mortgage Vanity-PRO toll-free number to ring to you.
  • You can opt to ring your Vanity-PRO number to a live-operator at Loan-PRO PLUS
  • After the caller has finished their loan application with a live-operator, you can logon to
    and retrieve your loan application.      

Loan-PRO PLUS live operators provide a professional presentation of your company after hours.  Our live-operators handle thousands of loan applications so your callers are handled with the familiarity you expect from a qualified loan agent. Speaking directly to a live person is always best when you are unavailable to personally answer your calls!